The Galaxy Watch 7 reveals a little more, the autonomy is already a dream

As July’s Galaxy Unpacked event approaches, Samsung plans to unveil its new Galaxy Watch 7 series of smartwatches. Two of the three expected models have been confirmed thanks to recent certification listings.

Galaxy Watch 7 certifications

Anticipation is building around Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event, where the brand is expected to unveil in addition to the famous Galaxy Ring, its new series of smartwatches. According to rumors, the Galaxy Watch 7 could bring lot of change with a potentially square design, breaking with the circular dials of previous models. This stylistic evolution would align them closer to the aesthetics of the Apple Watch.

Beyond aesthetics, significant improvements in technical specifications of the Galaxy Watch 7 are also expected. This series of watches is expected to be equipped with the new Exynos W940 chip, a 3nm processor that promises energy efficiency improved by 50% and performance increased by 30% compared to the previous model. This advance could help increase their autonomy, a point often criticized in the past.

galaxy watch 7 certificationgalaxy watch 7 certification
Source: 91mobiles

Two new Galaxy Watch 7 models spotted in certification listings

The new certifications provide precise details on the capabilities of the models. The document reveals three models of the Galaxy Watch 7, each offering features of improved connectivity. THE basic modelsSM-L300 and SM-L305, introduce an improvement: the latter is equipped with an eSIM which allows independent connectivity and which frees the user from the need to have a smartphone nearby to stay connected.

As to Classic modelsidentified under the references SM-L310 and SM-L315, although the specific details of their connectivity are not specified, their inclusion suggests a diversity of options which could also include similar improvements or complementary. The certification Bluetooth v5.3obtained for the SM-L305U version, reveals an improvement in connectivity for American users.

Finally, leaks indicate that Samsung is planning to double the internal storage capacitypassing 16GB to 32GB. This expansion would allow users to store more apps and data directly on the watch, without necessarily requiring a connection constant to the smartphone. This upgrade is particularly interesting for those who use their watch for sports activities or health monitoring, where quick access to data is crucial.

Source: 91mobiles

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