The haircut of the daughter of Charlene and Albert of Monaco makes the buzz


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Finally reunited after a very long forced separation, the Monegasque princely family took the opportunity to immortalize their long-awaited reunion. But if the event and the cliché that now freezes him in time are so much talked about, it is rather because of the brand new haircut displayed by little Gabriella. A hair look, to say the least, surprising for a little girl of her age.

While Princess Charlene of Monaco found herself isolated in South Africa for health reasons (she suffered from an ENT infection), Prince Albert of Monaco and their two children – the twins Jacques and Gabriella – were as for them present on Le Rocher where their wife and mother were conspicuous by his absence, no doubt all impatient to find the former swimmer.
Good news, the wait is finally over: Charlene is not back in Monaco but Prince Albert and the children are passing through South Africa to support him during his convalescence! Very happy to have finally found husband and children, Princess Charlene did not fail to share the joy of her reunion with his followers on his Instagram account just a few hours ago. Revealing a series of five photos featuring his little family, she did not hide her emotion in the caption of the post celebrating this moment together: “I am so happy to be reunited with my family…❤️”.

But if these pictures taken by photographer Christian Sperka are already making a lot of talk about them, it is not so much for the event they are honoring as for the surprising haircut of little Gabriella. The young child we are used to seeing with a classic bob has indeed changed its look. Finished the small straight bangs that dressed her forehead and gave her a look of a little model girl, Gabriella decided to swap it for a triangular shaped bangs which ends in a point in the middle of the forehead and releases its temples in a rather rock’n’roll way it must be admitted.
Yes, you will understand, even the children of royal families can do stupid things! As Charlene laughs in commenting on her post: “Gabriella decided to cut her hair herself !!!”. As we could then suspect, the symmetry of Gabriella’s fringe-triangle is rather due to her mother’s efforts to arrange her unfortunate scissors … “Sorry Bella, I did my best to fix this.” The caring mother in the legend of the famous post apologizes, moreover, fully assuming the hair disaster of the little girl.

>> Photos of little Gabriella’s surprising haircut <<

This childish stupidity has also caused a lot of reaction on the web, many Instagrammers have commented on this haircut, to say the least original. So some have praised the princess’s efforts to rectify the situation – “I adore Gabriella’s cut 😍. Bravooo mom😉😘🇧🇪”,“ We’ve all been there with haircuts 🙈 – others were especially touched by the little girl’s gesture: “like her mom”, “Hahaha she copied you 😍.

Bold from mother to daughter when it comes to haircuts


We must admit that we recognize in Gabriella the audacity of Charlene of Monaco when it comes to changing heads anddare new haircuts. If the elegant blonde has often worn shoulder-length to long glamorous hair, sometimes curly or straight, then, later, often tied up in a bun, she never hesitated to cut everything when she wanted to. taken. Square cut, boyish cut Wearing a banana-style lock, short bangs or even a shaved head: the princess has never forbidden anything concerning her hair style. A characteristic that little Gabriella already seems to share with her mother!

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