The King of Fighters 15: a trailer for Kim Kaphwan, but no date yet

To the sound of a remix of the mythical Let’s Go To Seoul, theme of Team Korea in the illustrious KOF 2002, Kim Kaphwan gives us a kick for almost 2 minutes, enough to reveal some new special moves in her panoply and a very nice alternate costume resuming his classic outfit. In dubbing, Kazuhiko Nagata gives way to Kunihiro Kawamoto. Finally, for music lovers, eight new remixes of various titles (not yet known) will join the Station DJ, virtual jukebox of KOF XV.

Footwork, game in DLC

Once you live in Tokyo, you’re in luck: Kim Kaphwan will be playable in preview at EVO Japan on April 2, the last day of the competition. Here’s a nice icing on the cake for the diehards of KOF – and we know that you are more numerous than we think! In the summer of 2023, Kim Kaphwan will be joined by Sylvia Paula Paula and Najd, the next fighters on the Season Pass roster. Season 2 will conclude at the end of the year with two additional characters, still kept secret.

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