The “Krone” podcast – the top candidates are available to answer questions

Top candidates put to the test
The “Kärntner Krone” presents the “Krone” podcast for the Chamber of Agriculture elections in 2021. In the next three weeks, on Wednesdays and Fridays, a top candidate will present his program, which is to be implemented over the next five years. However, we will not stop at a mere program presentation, but instead provide Siegfried Huber (Carinthian Farmers’ Association), Manfred Muhr (Freedom and Independent Farmers), Franz Matschek (SPÖ farmers), Reinhard Stückler (Green Farmers), Marjan Cik (Community of Carinthian Farmers) ) and Heimo Urbas (Independent Farmers Association) to the test. Tomorrow, Wednesday, let’s go!

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