The lion’s den: The “Soapflaker” in the BRIGITTE test

“The Lions’ Den”
Is the “Soapflaker” a plastic-free alternative to liquid soap?

“Soapflaker” founder Stefan Hinüber

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The refillable soap dispenser “Soapflaker” from “Die Höhle der Löwen” promises to be a plastic-free alternative to liquid soaps from plastic packaging. If that works? We did the test for you!

Hand washing has become more important since the pandemic at the latest. But there is a lot of garbage when you consider how many millions of people in Germany alone use liquid soap from the plastic dispenser every day. Sure, you can also use a bar of solid soap, but many find this unhygienic as soon as you share the bar of soap with several people.

With the “Soapflaker” thaton Monday, October 18th, at “Die Höhle der Löwen” is presented, the founder wants to revolutionize conventional hand washing with solid soap. The refillable soap dispenser for solid hand soap should be sustainable, hygienic and plastic-free – does it keep what it promises? BRIGITTE editor Vivien Windel did the test for you.

“The Lion’s Den”: The “Soapflaker” in the BRIGITTE test

That is what the product promises

  • sustainability – Of the “Soapflaker“is plastic-free, which saves resources, packaging and material. In addition, the soap dispenser is refillable and therefore refillable not a single use product.
  • Use to the last remainder – The soap is always dry and protected in the “Soapflaker” so that it cancan be used up to the last remainder.
  • Particularly economical – One bar of soap should be enough to wash your hands over 500 times with a quarter turn of the soap dispenser.
  • Hygienic use Above all, the hygiene aspect is in the foreground with this product. In contrast to a conventional bar of soap, nobody touches the solid soap directly through the dispenser.
  • Vegan and natural – The soap bars from “Soapflaker” are vegan and contain only natural ingredients, based on natural organic vegetable oil. So there is neither microplastic in, nor plastic as packaging around the product. The scent is fresh and subtle. The bars of soap are suitable for all skin types.

First impression


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I received two boxes without plastic packaging and generally little packaging waste. That makes me feel positive. The “Soapflaker” and a soap with aloe vera scent and instructions for use are in a box. In the other package there is a Refill set, which also contains two bars of honey scented soap. The soap contained in the set together with the “Soapflaker” doesn’t have a strong odor of its own (which I think is good) and the “Soapflaker” feels high quality, even if it doesn’t really convince me visually. For my taste it is a bit too simple next to my already existing stylish soap dispenser.

The application

The “Soapflaker” is very comfortable to hold. the The size and feel are good, the part to be turned consists of Aluminum and the upper part off Acrylic glass. Similar to a pepper mill, with the soap dispenser you simply have to turn the “aluminum wheel” and small soap flakes fall into your hand.

Soapflaker crowd

A quarter turn is enough to get the amount of soap needed to wash your hands thoroughly.

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A quarter turn is enough to wash your hands as recommended by the manufacturer in any case. The application does require a bit of “practice” – or should I say the right technique – because with it turns difficult with wet hands. So I get into the habit of putting the soap in my hand before washing and then just rubbing it into my hands under running water and washing them thoroughly. So the dispenser stays dry and there are no annoying puddles under the “soap flaker” or lime residue.

The only drawback: After use, more soap flakes fall out of the “soap flaker” so that the soap dispenser leaves soap residue on the edge of the sink when it is set down. That’s why I just put the “Soapflaker” upside down.

My conclusion

Of the “Soapflaker“It is definitely a great invention for everyone who wants to take a further step towards sustainability in the bathroom. The simple application (if you know the little trick with dry hands) and the plastic-free use of soap convince me. As far as the design is concerned, it has meanwhile been refilled and a stylish black “Soapflaker” is also available. That suits my design heart very much. However, in my opinion the soap leaves a waxy film on the skin. Which is not bad, but for liquid soap users: the inside may take some getting used to. All in all, I would say that there are a few subtleties that can be tweaked here and there and then the product is a clear winner for me.

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