The Lion’s Den: We are testing Early Green

“The Lions’ Den”
“Early Green” in the BRIGITTE test: Vegan meat enjoyment out of the bag?

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In the new “Die Höhle der Löwen” episode on October 18, the founding couple Nicole and Bernd Sell will present their vegan meat substitute products under the “Early Green” brand. We tested them for you.

Those who follow a vegan diet usually do not do so because they do not like meat. Often the decision has deeper reasons – such as retail chains, animal welfare or sustainability in general. So that the taste of meat is not denied to people who are (predominantly) vegetarian or vegan, the founding couple Nicole and Bernd Sell have developed vegan meat substitute products under the brand “Early Green”.

“The Lion’s Den”: This is how the “Early Green” products work

“Early Green” has three different types of vegan meat on offer: Citizens, Gyros and steak. A clear advantage over real meat: the products can and are very easy to store in the cupboard durable.

The preparation should also be simple: the respective basic product is simply mixed with ice-cold water and a little oil, kneaded into a mass, then rests briefly in the refrigerator and is finally fried – done!

Another plus point: The products from “Early Green” are rich in Protein and fiber and at the same time cholesterol free.

Vegan meat from the bag: can it taste good?

We want to know and take the test. I, Sabine, eat neither a vegetarian nor a vegan diet, but I am open to such alternatives and have already enjoyed eating meat substitutes. I test all three variants from “Early Green”: burger, gyros and steak.

The burger mix from Early Green is mixed with cold water and a little oil

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What about the preparation What is noticeable is that it is actually quite straightforward. That suits me because it often has to be quick. The only exception: with the gyros, the individual pieces have to be cut. That takes a moment and would be too detailed for me in the long run. In all three cases, the ready-mixed mass actually looks like raw meat and also has a certain something Meat smell. When frying in the pan, I have to be very careful not to burn anything.

The taste test results for me differences. The burger tastes really good – I am particularly impressed by the consistency. Unlike other alternatives Burger pattiesthat I’ve already tried, the “meat” is actually juicy. Excellent!

Unfortunately, the gyros and the steak can’t convince me. In terms of taste, they are too artificial for me and too salty.

The vegan gyros from Early Green on lettuce leaves, tomatoes with tzatziki

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My conclusion: The vegan burger patties are great – gladly again. Gyros and steak, on the other hand, remain an interesting experiment for me.

How does a vegetarian judge the products?

I, Claudia, have been eating vegetarian for almost ten years: During this time I have tried a wide variety of meat substitute products, tasted vegetarian ready-made products and of course also cooked various vegetarian burger / steak and gyro recipes myself. Accordingly, I am very curious about the “Early Green” products, as they are a quick and uncomplicated alternative with homemade burger patties or elaborate seitan gyros.

Basically, the preparation of all three “Early Green” products is child’s play: That Powder is mixed with water and a little oil, then rests briefly in the refrigerator and is then shaped and fried accordingly. Only the gyros is a little more difficult to make up because of its shape. On the whole, everything works fine, except that the gyros burns quickly and still takes a long time to be cooked through. With the steak and the burgers, however, I have no problems with the preparation. What is striking is that the pre-formed citizens in the pan look astonishingly similar to actual meat patties and also the smell somehow reminds of it. A plus point for meat lovers who want to fall back on alternatives every now and then. But what is the result of the taste test?

As a result of my long vegetarian existence, I have almost forgotten how meat tastes and therefore no longer judge “meat substitute products” based on whether they taste similar to meat, but whether they taste good to me in general. There is a clear one with the “Early Green” products Favorites: The burgers taste good and are juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Unfortunately, the gyros was seared on the outside during preparation, but on the inside it still seems a bit raw. In terms of taste, it’s not really my cup of tea and it’s a bit too spicy for me. I wouldn’t eat the vegan steak again because it just tastes too artificial.

The Lion's Den: We are testing Early Green.  Fried vegan burgers

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My conclusion: There are clear differences in the products for me: I would prepare the burgers again, but not the steaks, the gyros would be worth a second try. Still, it’s nice that the “Early Green” products are vegan Provide alternatives that are very easy to use in preparation: So perhaps even supposed skeptics tend to get involved in a “meat substitute product”.

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