the Livret + rate is boosted by 4% for 4 months!

From June 5 to August 16, 2023, Fortuneo offers a 4% boost rate for 4 months for any first subscription to its savings account.

And if you take advantage of the summer to save? At the moment, Fortuneo offers a competitive offer for any first subscription to its savings account. Indeed, from June 5 to August 16, 2023, online banking boosts the rate of the Livret + 4% during the first 4 months.

The conditions to respect

The opening of a Livret + is subject to the holding of a deposit account with Fortuneo. The bonus of 4% gross during the first 4 months is valid up to 100000euros. Beyond that, as well as at the end of the promotion period, savings are remunerated at the rate in force, i.e. 1% gross as of June 1, 2023 (rate subject to change). To take advantage of the offer, you must be a capable adult individual, tax resident in France and not already hold an online banking passbook. note that the boost rate is also conditional on maintaining the Livret + until the December 31, 2023.

Open a booklet+

The advantages of the Livret +

10 million euros. This is the payment limit offered by Fortuneo on its Livret +. Accessible from 10 euros (minimum account balance), management is done directly from the Fortuneo mobile application or on the online customer area. The major advantage of this booklet is that it displays 0 fees for its holder. Whether opening, maintaining an account, deposits, withdrawals or closure, online banking does not charge any fees.

The interests of this booklet are subject to tax and social security contributions. In addition, the savings account can only be funded from a current account held at Fortuneo, by check or bank transfer. Similarly, to make a withdrawal, the funds must pass through this account before they can be transferred to another bank.

How to open a Livret +?

To open an account with Fortuneo, simply download the mobile application or go to the online banking website, fill in the membership form with all of your personal information (surname, first name, date of birth, postal code, etc.). Then, you must validate the request with the code received by SMS, and finally attach the necessary supporting documents: proof of identity (identity document, passport, residence permit), proof of address, as well as a RIB for the initial payment.

The booklet + in detail

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