The Masked Singer: The skeleton is the first woman to win the trophy


With the skeleton, the first woman won the third season of "The Masked Singer". These celebrities were under the masks.

Five masked celebrities started the big "The Masked Singer" final on Tuesday evening. Finally it was revealed who was under the costumes of Anubis, Skeleton, Alien, Hippo and Meerkat. In tournament mode, the field of participants was initially thinned out before it was clear which celebrity would win the race in the end. Who was the advice team around Sonja Zietlow (52) and Bülent Ceylan (44), which was supplemented by last year's winner Tom Beck (42, sloth), right? What revelation surprised everyone?

The preliminary round: the guessing team is unanimously correct

First, the finalists competed against each other in battle royale mode. The Alien stood out in particular, with a new hairstyle and electric guitar at the ready, wedged behind the microphone and knocked it over with the stand while rocking to "Best Of You" by the Foo Fighters – but the situation resolved confidently and with the big guitar Solo whirled around wildly on the floor towards the end of the song. No wonder that it apparently got the most votes from the audience and was the first to be certain when the voting was announced.

Also next were the skeleton, which delivered as usual, and the Anubis, who convinced with his performance of Papa Roach's "Last Resort". So the hippopotamus and the meerkat couple were still the wobbly candidates. The hippopotamus won the duel and so the meerkats had to take off their masks. The advice of the advice team before the exposure was unanimous: Daniela Katzenberger (34) and Lucas Cordalis (53) are in the costumes – and they actually hid under the plush masks.

The semi-finals: the guessing team is twice right again

The duels in the semifinals were therefore certain: Anubis against alien and hippopotamus against skeleton. Anubis belted out "Sonne" by Rammstein, the Alien joined in with "The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel, but both delivered an appealing performance in their own way and proved how changeable they are. The audience liked the alien better, the Anubis had to unmask himself: It was singer Ben Blümel (39). The advice team was right again. Sonja Zietlow and Tom Beck had, quite confidently, guessed the "Engel" singer. Only Bülent Ceylan had stiffened on actor Elyas M'Barek (38).

The second semi-final was contested by the favorite, the skeleton, and the hippopotamus. The latter had to go first and set the bar quite high with Tina Turner's "Simply The Best". With "Reflection" by Christina Aguilera, the skeleton did not rely on a rocky number with a lot of power for the first time, but on a soulful song in which it was able to play out the strengths of its powerful voice. The performance was also sufficient: the audience voted the skeleton into the grand finale. And who was under the hippopotamus costume? Zietlow guessed singer Mark Medlock (42), Beck and Ceylan on TV chef Nelson Müller (41): It was actually Nelson Müller. Three out of three for the advice team.

The final duel: who will win the race?

In the final duel, the alien and the skeleton played their favorite song from the season. The alien sang again in multiple languages ​​"Perfect Symphony" by Ed Sheeran (29) and Andrea Bocelli (62). At the end, the guessing team again tipped off comedian Luke Mockridge (31) and Boss Hoss singer Alec Völkel (48). The skeleton picked out "Dirty Diana" by Michael Jackson (1958-2009). Here, the guessing team wavered again between Mandy Capristo (30), Sarah Lombardi (28) and Marie Wegener (19).

Shortly afterwards the decision was made. The winner of the third season of "The Masked Singer" is the skeleton – and it was time for the alien to take off the mask and reveal himself. Alec Völkel had won over the audience for weeks in the cute costume. The advice team landed another hit.

And who was now under the skeleton costume? This question was only answered after what felt like a long commercial break. After the trophy was handed over, the skeleton finally had to take off its bony mask. It was none other than singer Sarah Lombardi (28) – and here, too, the advice team was right again.