the method of “special” education they have chosen

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Prince William and his wife would like to adopt the method of education conveyed by Carole and Michael Middleton, Kate’s parents. Find out what it consists of.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are definitely not royal parents like the others. If the heir to the throne never complained about his childhood, he like his brother Harry lived several traumatic events when they were younger. They also repeatedly noted the physical and sentimental distance of their father towards them, while they described Lady Diana as an affectionate, benevolent and demonstrative mother. On several occasions, the education given to Cambridge children has been compared to that initiated by Diana Spencer. The path taken by the mother of the princes is indeed the one that Kate Middleton and her husband want to follow, who can also be based on the family model created by Carole and Michael Middleton, parents of the current Princess of Wales. According to the confidences of the royal expert Duncan Larcombe to OKAY !the royal spouses would adopt the Middleton method, wishing that “their children consider them their best friends”.

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Clan Cambridge education, a proven method

So naturally, Kate Middleton reproduced the education scheme offered by her parents on her own children, it is also a model that immediately appealed to Prince Williamas the royal expert relates: “William based his children’s upbringing on the Middleton model – three children, well-to-do but hard-working parents and lots of love at home. When Kate Middleton was in her early twenties, she counted her mother and father on her list of best friends. This is what William and Kate strive for with their children.” A simple and happy childhood, adolescence and young adult life is all that the royal spouses wish for their tribe. They are, however, aware that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis must come to terms with their representational duties. This is why Prince William and Kate Middleton are introducing them to royal life “drop by drop”, without putting pressure on them. The expert claimed that George, Charlotte and Louis hadt “the most ordinary education of all generations of royal children” after the family moved to Windsor in the year 2022.

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