The paper cut bob, the ultra-trendy short razor-cut bob


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Want a change for the start of the 2021 school year? Fall for the trendy cut of the moment: the paper cut bob.

It’s finally back to school! And of course, like every year, this period makes us want to change. So why not opt ​​for a little refreshment at the hairdresser? Make an appointment in a hairdressing salon to change your head and adopt one of the trendy cuts of the season. Why not let yourself be tempted, for example, by the new trendy square: the paper cut bob ?

What is the paper cut bob?

The paper cut bob is a very structured. Particularly in vogue for a few weeks, it will be the star hairstyle for this fall of 2021. The paper cut bob is distinguished by its very sharp and precise tips, like a sheet of paper. To achieve a result like this, the hairdresser usually uses a electric lawn mower. The device effectively makes it possible to perfectly equalize the short square. And of course, with the paper cut bob, no more gradients and highlights. The goal is that all the hair ends up perfectly at the same length.

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Why fall for the paper cut square?

At a time bold, sexy and elegant, the square paper cut bob brings a touch of pep to your style. But for such an effect, this strict cut requires a lot of rigor. If your hair is naturally straight, no fuss in the morning! On the other hand, if your hair tends to wavy or is curly, you will have to choose between straightening it or creasing it with a spray specially designed to give it a little texture. The result will then be less strict, more blurry. Finally, you should also remember to maintain the paper cut bob on a very regular basis. Depending on the growth of your hair, visit the hairdresser about every month to maintain a clean result.

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