the perfect flowery braid for spring!

Have you been tempted to put flowers in your hair several times, but you never dared to take the plunge? Good news, the flower braid is back and it promises us a number of irresistible floral hairstyles to finally adopt this flagship trend of spring.

The flowers are inseparable from spring, when they bloom in profusion to tint the landscape with a multitude of shimmering colors. Symbol of renewal and romanticism, they have always flirted with our hairstyles, so much so that they have made a reputation for ideal pleasure for major events such as weddings or baptisms. But if we have often spoken of them for the most important hairstyles of our lives, they have recently found a place in everyday hairstyles too. After sporting them in our hair for festivals, we were indeed tempted by the charm of their petals to enhance our everyday hairstyles. This year, the flowers even announce themselves as must-have among the hair accessories to draw to give style to our locks this spring with the comeback of the flower braid, a braid decorated with flowers perfect to style our hair when the beautiful days arrive.

The flower braid : a trendy tie that allows a multitude of hairstyles

Who says braid decorated with flowers says braid above all, and therefore the choice of braiding. One of the advantages of this hairstyle trend is that it allows all types of braids to be displayed in our hair. Classic three-strand braid that is easy and quick to make, inverted braid that gives more relief to the braiding, spike braid with strands that are worn either tight for a glamorous look or loose for a bohemian style, African braid with braiding glued to the leather hairy from the root…. The braids are as diverse and varied as the types of hair, and that’s good to be able to highlight them all with the flower braid. You will therefore necessarily find one that you like to display this pretty spring hairstyle which is very easy to personalize. And that’s not all: like any simple braid, the flower braid is also worn in various ways. If it is easily braided into a large braid which retains the entire hair, it can also multiply in the hair in several small braids distributed in the hair mass. If you choose to only have two on either side of your face, then they can be joined together at the back of the head to create a charming half tie. The single braid, on the other hand, can be rolled up in a bun, whether it is located low in the nape of the neck or perched on the top of the head in a bun bun. This braided bun flower braid, can also be duplicated in flowery macaroons for fans of the hairstyles of the 90s (which are particularly popular lately). Retaining only part of the hair, or disciplining the entire hair, the flower braid can also be worn in a crown around the head for those who have rather long hair. In other words, this hairstyle is tailor-made according to the length of your hair, its thickness or quantity, and of course your preferences.

In addition, the choice of flowers with which to decorate your flower braid is entirely up to you and your tastes. Blooming rosebud, blooming flowers, country daisies, exotic flowers that give us desires elsewhere (such as the hibiscus or frangipani flower): all the flowers lend themselves to decorating your braids this spring, and whatever their color.

15 awesome ways to wear flower braid

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How to make a flower braid ?

Simply by making the braid of your choice and then decorating it with flowers that you prick into the hair using bobby pins. It’s up to you to see the number of flowers you place in your hair, depending on whether you want your braid to be more or less flowery, and your styling more or less discreet.
A word of advice: if you choose to put several flowers in your braid, be sure to incorporate them along the entire length of your braid, alternating the strands on which you fix them for a harmonious result.

What alternatives to fresh flowers in the hair?

The only drawback of this trend which seduces us with the hairstyles that take advantage of the beauty of fresh flowers: it forgets a little the fragility of these natural accessories …
Fresh flowers are certainly the most beautiful effect in the hair, but they are far from the ideal accessory in hot weather because they do not tolerate high temperatures, especially when they are cut and do not have their stems soaking. in water. Result, by relying on fresh flowers to decorate your braids, you risk that they wither before the end of the day (or the evening). Unless you have a photo shoot planned or can regularly retouch your hairstyle, we advise you to turn to alternatives to create your floral hairstyle.

Rest assured, there are several solutions to overcome this small technical problem: opt either for dried flowers in a bohemian and bucolic spirit if you want to decorate your braid with real flowers, or for artificial flowers that reproduce with more or less of realism the ephemeral beauty of the petals of freshly cut flowers thanks to various materials, including fabric. Whatever the option, there are then a multitude of hair accessories decorated with dried or artificial flowers to achieve your flower braid.

What floral accessories to decorate a braid and turn it into flower braid ?

Elastics adorned with fake flowers to decorate your braid in the simplest way with a turn of elastic, floral hair combs to slip into the hair once styling is finished, barrettes or clips adorned with petals or whole flowers to attach between the strands of your braid and to distribute between your locks to decorate the whole hair, flower crowns to place on the head to transform any hairstyle into a charming floral tie … There is no shortage of options and accessories to adopt the trend of the flower braid. And good news, we can even find them at a low price to try out the trend of flower braid without breaking the bank.

Our selection of flowery accessories to decorate your braids

And you, for which variant of the flower braid are you ready to put flowers in your hair?

Tutorial: How to succeed with your African braid?

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