The “small” MSI Claw console with Core Ultra 135H at the level of the Core Ultra 155H in gaming


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March 28, 2024 at 9:20 a.m.


A version of the Claw based on the Core Ultra 135H © VideoCardz

A version of the Claw based on the Core Ultra 135H © VideoCardz

Some portable consoles like the MSI Claw exist in two versions and we say that manufacturers perhaps do not always choose the right one for their marketing campaign.

When the first information regarding MSI’s portable console – the Claw – was published, there was talk of integrating two variants of Intel’s Meteor Lake processors, for two distinct consoles.

Subsequently, however, MSI mainly mentioned the case of the Core Ultra 155H-based machine and it is this version of the console that we tested. However, a console based on Core Ultra 135H exists and could well surprise us with its performance.

A slightly more economical MSI Claw

There is no point in hiding, as much as the design and functionalities of the MSI Claw are very interesting, the performance and price positioning of the beast put it in difficulty.

Retro Tech Dad was one of the first to test this second version © VideoCardz

Retro Tech Dad was one of the first to test this second version © VideoCardz

In difficulty, because if the launch price of the ROG Ally was identical to that of the Claw, the price of the ASUS machine was subsequently largely revised… even though its performance is generally better. We can always argue that – like the ROG Ally in its time – the Claw will progress in the months to come and its price can also be adjusted.

The fact remains that at the time of choice on March 28, 2024, it is difficult to recommend the Claw compared to the ROG Ally and we will not even talk about the Steam Deck. However, it could be that a version of the Claw does well.

Sometimes above the Core Ultra 155H version

Our colleagues at VideoCardz have actually just relayed the video from Retro Tech Dad, a YouTube channel which managed to get its hands on the “small” MSI Claw.

This therefore stands out, as mentioned above, by its processor, a Core Ultra 135H, still in Meteor Lake architecture of course. The beast now has “only” 14 cores/18 threads (compared to 16c/22t on the 155H) and 7 Xe-cores for the graphics part (compared to 8). However, this does not seem to have a very big impact on the general performance of the machine when it comes to video games.

MSI Claw © VideoCardz
MSI Claw © VideoCardzMSI Claw © VideoCardz
MSI Claw © VideoCardzMSI Claw © VideoCardz

The results depend a lot on the game used © VideoCardz

We invite you to watch the video in question, but be aware that by contrasting the two MSI Claw and the two ROG Ally (based on Z1 and based on Z1 Extreme), Retro Tech Dad noticed a certain proximity between the two Claw and the “small” ROG Ally knowing that the ASUS variant based on Z1 Extreme is, as in our test, quite clearly ahead.

In fact, on several games, the MSI Claw based on Core Ultra 135H is even ahead of its “big sister”. Knowing that the console is at least 50 dollars less at a similar equipment level, we say to ourselves that MSI would perhaps have been more inspired to highlight this “small” version?

Source : Retro Tech Dad, VideoCardz

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