the Trinity tower at La Defense

You are in front of the new Trinity tower, in the business district of La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine). A surprising tower. With its 140 meters and 33 floors, it is certainly not very high. And for good reason, it spans the seven traffic lanes of avenue de la Division-Leclerc. It was imagined by the Cro & Co agency, at the origin of its architecture, as an urban seam welding two slabs of La Défense, with 3,500 m2 of landscaped connecting public spaces.

Trinity disrupts the traditional codes of the office tower. Usually, towers develop around a central core enclosing the stairs and elevator shafts. Here, this nucleus is off-center, with panoramic elevators on the facade. Also, the tower has no less than 43 terraces or balconies which break the usual monotony of skyscraper facades. There are thus, all four floors, large terraces of 80 m2 embellished with trees in the ground, which alternate with vegetated loggias of 20 m2 and cantilevered meeting rooms, all with balconies. Continue the discovery of this daring building thanks to a recent article in the World.