The Witcher: New information on Project Sirius revealed – The Witcher

As you probably already know, several The Witcher games, announced in October 2022 by CD Projekt RED, are currently in development. Among them, the “Sirius” project, entrusted to the studio The Molasses Flood, which is being talked about again today, because new information has been spotted on the Web.

Indeed, according to job offers, collected in a publication on Reddit and available on the official website of CD Projekt RED, The Witcher Sirius, which has a multiplayer dimension, could offer cooperation but also PvE. Two elements in particular described in the file for the position of “Senior Multiplayer Designer”. It is also mentioned of a ” variety of enemy types » and weaponsin the “Senior Combat Designer” job posting.

Also, as an entry in the “Nice to Haves” section of the job description for the “Technical Game Designer” position suggests, it could be that the Sirius project has a procedurally generated system with regards to levels/areas. Furthermore, note that Sirius is described as a game ” stylized according to the posting for the “Senior World Builder” position.

Suffice to say that all these elements, if they are kept in the final version of the software, will most certainly offer a new gaming experience, far from that proposed in the trilogy around Geralt de Riv.

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