There are so many different orgasm forms!


Clitoral and vaginal? Yes that’s true! But there are many more ways to get to the climax. We’ll tell you which ones.

We can come alone or with our partner to the climax , simply or repeatedly, in the rider or spoon position … But in 9 different ways? Only very few of us know that. We summarized what different forms of orgasm there are and how you can reach them.

1. About the clitoris

Most women can get an orgasm via the clitoral stimulation , be it through masturbation, oral sex or penetration. Tip: If you find it difficult to come in sex, help with a mini vibrator or ask him to stimulate your clitoris with his hand.

2. About the G-spot

Many of us can enjoy this pleasure. The G-spot can be found on the anterior side of the vaginal wall, five centimeters from the entrance to the vagina. Positions in which he is well massaged by the penis are, for example, the doggy style or the spoon position. Even vibrators can reach him. By the way. The G-spot is named after the German physician Ernst Gräfenberg , who first described it in 1950 for the first time.

3. At the nipples

Our breast is an erogenous zone. Our brain reacts to touches on the chest similar to the clitoris. And indeed it is possible to reach orgasm just by stroking it – especially on the nipples! As? That depends on how excitable you are in this body region. It only helps to try out! Ask your partner to take turns gently caressing you. For example, by turning the nipples slightly, pulling or sucking on them. Of course, you could also experiment a little bit yourself.

4. By imagination

Get an orgasm without being touched? That’s fine! Maybe you know that: If you have an erotic dream, wake up and suddenly feel an orgasm. It works without a dream. Only by imagining things that excite you. Of course, does not work right away – but it is possible!

5. About the U-point

The G-spot is not the only pleasure in the vagina. Above the urethral opening is another sensitive region. If this is stimulated, we can come to a climax. You can discover the area yourself, for example with a vibrator or your partner by penetrating with your fingers, penis tip or tongue. Here is: practice!

6. With the lips

And that does not mean the labia. Although it is very rare: we can actually come to orgasm by kissing. It starts at the lips and spreads throughout the body. That we are very excitable on the lips, you realize how much lust you get by kissing on sex. And if it does not work with the orgasm, nothing! After all, kissing is fun enough!

7. About the A-point

And another point in the orgasm range! The A-point lies deep in the vagina, between G-spot and cervix. It is best stimulated if it penetrates deep into you , for example, in the doggy or missionary position.

8. About the visual

In this orgasm form, it is enough to watch others in sex , such as a porn. This can excite us so much that we also climb the pleasure summit. Does not work of mere watching? Then just lend a hand!

9. With anal sex

Sex through the “back door” is not every woman thing. But all those who like it, can also reach orgasm in this way – because the anus is very sensitive. Whether with fingers, sex toys or the penis – an extensive foreplay and careful action is crucial here. The partner stimulates the clitoris best at the same time Increases the chance of a climax!