These 10 bad habits that make your hair fall out faster

If our hair falls out all year round in a completely natural way – from 40 to 100 per day on average -, certain actions can also cause it to fall.

Use aggressive shampoo

With the resurgence of organic products, the aggressive sulphates of conventional shampoos are being singled out. And for good reason, one of the best known, “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate” (SLS) is a sulfated surfactant with powerful detergent action. So powerful that the SLS is commonly used for industrial cleaning of floors and motors, which does not prevent it from being the basis of many products of our daily life (shower gels, shampoos, cleaning gels, etc.).

To avoid, therefore, all shampoos containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (prohibited in organic cosmetics) or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. Also beware of those containing silicone (the silicone ingredients end with -xane or -cone in the INCI list on the back of the bottle) because the latter suffocates the scalp and thus causes more hair loss.

Brushing too vigorously

Be careful with brushing. While it is important to brush your hair well to get rid of dust and distribute the protective sebum over the lengths, it is however not advisable to harass your hair by brushing it like a barbarian. Be gentle, and preferably use a natural wood or boar bristle brush. Avoid plastic brushes or those with bristles at the end, as the knots can get caught in them and cause hair breakage.

Tying your hair too often

Tying your hair can be bad for the hair fiber. By dint of being “in tension”, the latter can weaken and thus fall further. By constantly pulling on the bulb, you weaken it considerably. It is therefore preferable to take “breaks” by tying your hair less often. At night, the ideal is to braid and, ideally, invest in a satin or silk pillowcase to preserve the beauty of her hair as much as possible.

Use unsuitable accessories

If in addition to tying the hair too often, the accessories used are of poor quality, the damage to the hair fiber will be even greater. So avoid rubber bands with metal ties, in which the hair may get stuck and tear, as well as bars always positioned in the same place (by force, the hair ends up breaking and the fall is more important). Opt for elastic bands or scrunchies in satin, very soft cotton or silk, much more respectful of the hair fiber.

Have a bad diet

We all know that nutrition has a huge impact on our health. What is less known is that eating poorly can cause hair loss, due to the deficiencies that result. It is therefore necessary to take care to eat well varied and balanced and to privilege protein foods rich in amino acids which one finds in meat or fish, as well as those rich in vitamins B and PP.

Abusing heating devices

To absolutely ban from your hair routine: heating devices. Hair straighteners or curlers, hair dryers and other instruments of torture are really to be avoided to keep beautiful hair in full health and above all, to avoid weakening it and accelerating its fall … The best way to preserve your hair is to leave them alone as much as possible and do not try to denature them by means of heating devices which risk destroying their structure, and cause breakage, forks and fall. Try as much as possible to let them dry naturally.

Rub her hair when it’s wet

Wet hair is more fragile. It is therefore important to handle them with care. The fact of vigorously rubbing your hair with a towel when you get out of the shower, after washing it, is really a habit to be banished as soon as possible. Not only does it break the hair and damage it, but it can also cause it to fall out.

Make chemical stains

We can never say it enough: chemical dyes can irritate the scalp and thus cause hair loss. Many women have had impressive reactions to chemical dyes, which contain controversial ingredients. For a healthy alternative without any danger for your hair, your health, or the planet, opt for vegetable colors (made from crushed plant powders). Note, however, that you cannot lighten your hair with natural vegetable coloring, but chemical bleaching is also strongly discouraged.

Twist wicks

The gesture may seem trivial, yet it is far from being. By reflex or to express stress, we sometimes twist locks of hair in our fingers. This automatic gesture is not without consequences since under the pressure, the scales of the hair are weakened and the roots also take a blow, thus causing a more important fall. Definitely proscribe!

Cover your head all day

By wearing caps, hats or scarves on your head all day, the scalp does not “breathe” as much as it should, the heat is important, the friction a lot, and this can, in the long term, lead to hair loss. . If you really can’t help it, try taking breaks by “ventilating” your roots as much as possible (upside down, gently peel off your roots and lightly massage your scalp) during the day.

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