These 7 signs will tell you that you have a really stable relationship

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7 signs you are in a really strong relationship

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Little romance or a bond for life? If you can put a tick behind these points, you can do EVERYTHING together.

Are you in love, live together and spend a lot of time together? Sounds great! However, there is a lot more to a really stable relationship. Can you agree with these seven points?

1. You make decisions together

Of course, you don’t have to discuss what to wear in the morning or what bread to take with you to work. But when it comes to things like purchases for the apartment, the children or a job change, the best thing to do is to advise each other and decide together. Feels like WE instead of ME.

2. You defend your partner

Someone say a bad word about your sweetheart? Growl! Of course, your best friend is allowed to criticize. And you, too, are allowed to complain to her from time to time about your loved ones. In principle, however, the following applies: Talking badly about the other is a breach of trust and shows that the cohesion in the relationship is not exactly strong.

3. You have common plans for the future

Children, house, trip around the world? Your vision of the future should match, at least in the essentials. For example, if one wants children and the other doesn’t, it becomes difficult. The more similar your plans are, the better for the relationship!

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4. You find comfort in one another

Even if your counterpart should not replace a therapist: It is important that you can speak openly about your problems – and do so! Because if you deal with crises with yourself, your partner can quickly relate the bad mood to himself. You rarely get out of there without a fight.

5. You have similar values

Seeing the world through comparable eyes and also setting priorities similarly – that is extremely important for a relationship! Because only then can you harmonize as a couple. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you always have to be of the same opinion. That would be boring …

6. You like your friends and family

Visiting your in-laws is never a problem – and are his friends yours too? This eliminates a potential and very popular reason for dispute. Save yourself a lot of trouble and weld even more together!

7. You have little love rituals

The little attentions in everyday life are vital for the relationship! Sweet love messages in the apartment, the toothbrush that you are already preparing for the other with toothpaste or the daily good night kiss – all of this shows you day after day: We both, we love each other, we belong together and are a team.


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