These moms are normalizing breastfeeding in women of color with incredible photo series


Members of a Facebook group that raises awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding, several women took part in a photoshoot (and the result was very successful).

But who said women of color can't breastfeed? This is the question Angela Warren, mom and member of the Chocolate Milk Mommies of Birmingham Facebook group, raises daily. In an effort to raise awareness and provide support to her community, she enlisted the help of a local photographer, Lakisha Cohill, to do a photoshoot that would normalize and highlight the beauty of breastfeeding among women. women of color.

Breastfeeding is why it's good

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According to her, it is very important to support mothers, but also to remember that the choice to breastfeed her baby is up to the mother. She confided in Pop Sugar. “Being part of this movement has changed my life. I did not breastfeed for lack of knowledge and support. These amazing women convinced me of the importance of breastfeeding children naturally and created a community especially for provide knowledge and support to nursing mothers. " Here are the photos !

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