this anecdote will speak to all moms

On Reddit, a mom shared a funny story about postpartum constipation that could have happened to all of us. One way to free up the floor on the subject.

Childbirth upsets the body and it is sometimes difficult to recover from it. The postpartum period can indeed be complicated for a young mother, both psychologically and physically. Especially because it includes small ailments that we would have done well, such as postnatal constipation. While this is common in women who have just given birth, these symptoms are often taboo.

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On Reddit, a mother recently spoke on the subject, recounting an event that happened to her. She began by explaining that she has suffered from constipation since the birth of her baby two weeks earlier. “I feel like I always need to go to the bathroom, but nothing comes out”, she writes. She got used to ignoring her urges to poop. Only here, at one point, she had a very urgent desire … and did not have time to get to the toilet. “ I was wearing one of those huge hospital sanitary napkins, so it was pretty contained ”, she continues. But as she was cleaning herself, a little feces fell from the sanitary napkin to the floor. “My husband noticed I was cleaning the bathroom floor and said, ‘Oh no! Is [le chien] had an accident ?’ “, she says, “I paused for about a second before I said, ‘Yeah, that’s weird. I found it when I got back from my walk. ‘ “

She says she didn’t mind blaming the dog at all. “That day, I chose my pride”, she concludes.

In comments, many people told similar stories. “My friend described pregnancy and postpartum as the most beautiful and disgusting period of her life”, even wrote a surfer. Enough to show her that she is not alone in this situation. And above all that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

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