This app turns you into a Disney character and it's hilarious

Does the ToonMe app ring a bell? A new filter has just appeared and is very successful on social networks: it transforms you into a Disney Pixar character.

We all dreamed of one day living in a Disney or being a cult Disney character. Basically, we wonder what we would look like if we were an animated hero. The ToonMe app answers these semi-existential questions, but also "what the fuck", by offering a filter that transforms us into a Disney Pixar character. Like Faceapp, just take a selfie and submit it to the ToonMe app, which turns us into a little cartoon character. The algorithm is based on the methods of animation studios and presto! By magic, it's as if Pixar has taken over our faces for their next film.

The filter is so popular that by mid-January 2021 it is being used en masse on social networks. On Twitter or Instagram, many people have had fun testing it. Others have even used it on celebrities, politicians, TV characters and other faces known to the general public. And it’s very funny to see. So we've made a small selection of the most successful and funniest filters in the ToonMe app.

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Melanie Bonvard

Mélanie deciphers pop culture from a societal angle and questions the female gaze in films or even series, because everything is a question of gaze, she …