this camera which poses a problem “an object of tension”

The investigation into the disappearance of Emile which occurred in Haut-Vernet has been continuing for more than three weeks now. A surveillance camera removed from the grandparents’ home a month before the little boy’s disappearance is the subject of much discussion among investigators.

Where did little Emile go? The investigation into the little boy’s disappearance has now been ongoing for more than three weeks. As a reminder, the two-and-a-half-year-old child vanished on July 8 in the afternoon after having escaped the vigilance of his grandparents and the people present at the family home in Haut-Vernet, a small town of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Despite the significant research system deployed on the spot – with the reinforcement of canine brigades and drones – no clue leading to the trail of the little boy has been found.

On July 31, a new search operation in the area, established in a wider perimeter, did not bring to light any new elements. As time passes, the hope of finding the little boy alive dwindles, and the mystery deepens. Indeed, several gray areas surround the file of the disappearance of Emile. Like this fire, probably of criminal origin, and which occurred in 2019 in the former home of Emile’s grandparents.

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Disappearance of Emile: several gray areas

An element deemed non-priority by the investigators, as revealed by our colleagues from Parisian. Did the little boy’s family have any enemies? The hypothesis of a settling of accounts against a background of political tensions was notably mentioned, given the militant past of the parents of the little boy. While psychosis has settled in the small hamlet of Vernet since the tragedy that occurred at the beginning of the summer, another element intrigues the investigators.

It is a video surveillance camera, installed in the home of the grandparents of the missing little boy. A step taken by the family after their former home was set on fire. Still according to information from our colleagues, the device would have been installed to supervise the progress of the work of the house of Haut-Vernet. But faced with the discontent of local residents, visibly disturbed by the fact that the camera records images of the neighborhood and the public road, the device was removed a little over a month ago, shortly before Emile’s disappearance.

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An “object of tension” in the town which would perhaps have made it possible to avoid the drama which fell on this family. At present, no track is privileged by the investigators in the case of the disappearance of Emile.

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