This farewell makes Verona Pooth sad

Verona Pooth
Separation makes them sad, but also proud

Verona Pooth’s son Diego moved to the USA to devote himself to his sporting career.


Verona Pooth reveals in an interview with RTL that her son San Diego is leaving his parents’ house and moving to the USA to study. In the video you can see what is doing with the mother and how she is doing with the move.

So now he’s gone: San Diego Pooth has made his way to the United States to devote himself to his great dream of a career as a professional golfer. For Mama Verona Pooth it was a moving moment that made her a bit melancholy in the joint interview – and carried her away to an amusing comparison.

Verona Pooth’s son “Now finished knitting”

And how did this rather atypical career desire come about? San Diego tells how he enjoyed the days of long golf games in the summer and finally realized that he had developed a very great passion for the sport. He has now left Germany to be trained professionally at a golf academy in the state of Florida. And Verona? Of course, she has her own personal view of the farewell. Watch the video to see what she has to say about her son’s first steps into independence.

Source: RTL

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