this good habit improves your sex life

Subject to many factors, sexual desire is fluctuating and evolves throughout life. But to improve the quality of your sex, scientists have the solution. And it is very simple …

Ah, the libido! Subject to many factors, it is often changeable and capricious. Stress, fatigue, diet … Many everyday elements can have an impact on the sex life of women and men. Do you dream of a fulfilling sex life? Scientists may have the solution to all your problems. And it couldn’t be simpler: the key lies in your sleep.

Poor sleep would harm women’s sex life

A study published in Menopause: The Journal of The North american Menopause Society, (NAMS) looked at the sexuality of women over 50. According to his findings, sleep contributes to women’s sexual health, those who sleep poorly are more likely to suffer from dysfunction. To observe this phenomenon, the sleep quality of 3,400 women with an average age of 53 years was analyzed between December 2016 and September 2019, in the United States in Minnesota and Arizona. In parallel, the participants also underwent several clinical evaluations to determine a potential sexual dysfunction. The study defines the term sexual dysfunction as the presence of sexual problems, more specifically desire disorders, associated with distress. “We can only speak of sexual dysfunction if the woman suffers from it”said Dr Stephanie Faubion, lead author of the study from CNN. “For example, a woman may have low sexual desire, but that may not bother her. We are therefore, to my knowledge, the first study to examine not only sexual function, but also the distress associated with it. “

Poor sleep and sexual dysfunction, two common disorders in postmenopausal women

The results of the study show very clearly that insufficient quality sleep increases the risk of sexual dysfunction in women. On the contrary, when women slept well, they usually had more sexual activity. As CNN reports, this study is part of a larger research called DREAMS (Data Registry has Experiences of Aging, Menopause and Sexuality) which has followed a total of nearly 9,000 women over a dozen years. Besides poor sleep quality, this new study found that women who regularly slept less than five hours a night were also more likely to report sexual problems. These sexual disorders affect many women, often from their forties. According to research published in NAMS, 43% of women say they suffer from sexual problems at this time of life. At the same time, this age is also associated with more sleep problems. More than 26% of women in their 40s have significant sleep disturbances or even suffer from insomnia. ” These are two common problems for women and taking an interest in them, and taking care of them could improve their quality of life ”, emphasizes Dr Stephanie Faubion. In short, you have everything to gain from taking more care of the quality of your sleep.

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