This grandmother’s hairstyle is back in fashion this spring-summer (it’s perfect for fine hair!)

Seen on the red carpets, this “grandmother’s” hairstyle is back in fashion this spring-summer 2024. Good news, it is perfect for boosting the volume of fine hair.

Fashion is an eternal beginning again, and certain very trendy looks from our elders’ era are gradually coming back to the forefront in 2024. If we had already spotted this phenomenon in fashion, with the return of capri pants or mules for example , it also affects hairstyle trends. For several months, we have noted a return of ultra-voluminous hair, well-worked curls and haircuts with very clean lines. Hairstyles that remind us of the hair of Cindy Crawford or Jennifer Aniston in the early 90s.

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According to the magazine Nylon, a retro hairstyle is about to become essential this spring-summer. Already seen on Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé or Selena Gomez, it brings an ultra-glamorous side to the hair and boosts the volume of fine hair. Ideal for long or mid-length hair, it can also be suitable for a bob cut, as Zendaya proved to us on her latest red carpets. We tell you everything about this ultra-trendy look this spring-summer.

The exaggerated blow-dry, an ultra-trendy “grandmother’s” hairstyle

As we have seen on the last red carpets, the ultra-voluminous and exaggerated blow-drys are very fashionable. We were able to observe it on Miley Cyrus, at the 2024 Grammy Awards, who displayed ultra-airy curly hair with voluminous roots. To achieve this look, her hairdresser Bob Recine was inspired by Raquel Welch’s look in the 1970s. Singer Beyoncé has also adopted the XXL blow-dry trend, with her “Texan hair” style hairstyles, which play on a volume very pronounced and well-defined curls.

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This way of exaggerating the volume at the roots brings an ultra-sophisticated side to long hair, but can also give an ultra-chic side to a shorter cut. On a bob or a short cut, this retro blow-dry allows you to create a very interesting effect of movement and texture for fine hair. It also allows you to create more sophisticated looks, by directing the volume of the hair towards the back of the head or to one side.

How to obtain this XXL blow-dry effect?

To achieve an airy and voluminous blow-dry, it is essential to prepare the hair when shampooing with texturizing and shaping products. You can then apply a volumizing treatment (in the form of a mousse or spray) to the roots and ends, on damp hair, to make blow-drying easier and give more shape to the hair fiber. Once the preparation stage is completed, you can proceed to blow-drying with a round hairbrush (adapt the diameter according to the length of your hair) which will allow you to properly lift the roots from the scalp. Finally, fix the volume obtained using a hairspray. Lightly backcomb the roots, if you have very fine hair material.

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Once the blow-drying is finished, you can work the lengths with a curling iron, to perfect the movement of the waves or to create a slightly more defined curly effect. Opt for fairly large curls, which will give an even more glamorous side to your hair. You are free to then accessorize the hairstyle with a headband or headband, to give it a little extra retro touch. You can also focus on other hair accessories, like a scarf or barrettes.

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