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Eric at the farm

The holidays are over, but the trips continue. On September 2, Eric Dupond-Moretti was thus far from Paris and Place Vendôme. In the Landes, the Minister of Justice first inaugurated the Judicial City of Mont-de-Marsan then he went to the town of Tarnos to visit the Emmaüs Baudonne farm, a unique establishment of its kind offering work, housing and socio-professional support for women prisoners undergoing sentence adjustment. Rather than the prison closed, the prison on the farm.

Keeper of the Seals

For the occasion, the minister had put on a forest jacket, or almost. Information taken, this one is not an authentic forester from the illustrious house of Arnys, but a version from Jonas without complex taking up its codes, in particular its high collar and its patch pockets. Fashion being only a series of inspirations, let us note in passing that the forester herself was inspired by Léon Grimbert, boss of Arnys, by the jackets that wore at the beginning of the 20th century.e century Sologne forest guards.

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Head cover

Since we are talking about style, let’s take a look at the look of the Landes prefect, the so-called Cécile Bigot-Dekeyzer. The latter wears a remarkable headgear embroidered with gold thread. An integral part of the uniform designed under General de Gaulle, this tricorn resembles the iconic pirate hats, but is mainly inspired by the headgear historically worn by women in the French army. In fact, this hat is exclusively reserved for prefects, who benefit from a specific allowance of 350 euros to acquire it.

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Left-right cleavage

Respectful of customs, one of the minister’s entourage wears his wedding ring on the left ring finger. Stupid question: why on the left? This use is based in part on a belief that appeared in Egypt, and then transmitted by the Greeks. A vein, called the vein of love, or Vena amoris, would directly connect the left ring finger to the heart, making the positioning of the ring obvious… Except for Norwegians, Poles, Bulgarians or Russians who wear their ring on their right hand.

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It flies arm

Clothes speak, but what do gestures say? In this image, two people appear with their arms crossed. For specialists, this gesture translates, at choice, a mistrust or the desire to reassure oneself by offering a form of hitchhiking. Other experts, even more pointed, affirm that the fact of placing the left arm on the right arm betrays a cautious and consensual personality while the opposite gesture would demonstrate, him, an impulsive and hyperactive character. Are you falling for it? It’s normal.