this mistake we make when we eat salad, according to a doctor

Wanting to be well in your body this summer and at the start of the school year is a very good resolution. But what are the nonsense not to do? Here’s a doctor’s opinion on low-calorie summer salads.

Summer, this season which seems perfect for losing weight while enjoying fresh and light salads. After the raclettes and hot chocolates of winter, you are certainly thinking that salads will finally allow you to pay attention to your figure. However, a doctor Dr. Jimmy Mohammad, warns you. In fact, on the account TikTok of RTL, the doctor, who will present a chronicle and a health program on the weekends from the start of the school year, is not of this opinion! The summer salad, under its innocent looks, would not help to lose weight… on the contrary!

In this video, Dr Jimmy Mohamed, already well known on TikTokreminds us that a salad is simply not the perfect dish for the summer because it’s just an entry ! By limiting yourself to a salad for lunch, you deprive yourself a valuable contribution of proteins and complex carbohydrates. In short, you are not satisfied and the snacks won’t be long in coming. Moreover, even if you refrain from cracking up all afternoon, you will end up hungry and therefore irritable, even with a headache at dinner ! Then you will find yourself, without warning, in the evening, drawing heavily in the packet of crisps or the tub of ice cream. You will have understood it, the salad absolutely does not help to eat a balanced diet!

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The secret of summer to lose weight without frustration

You who want to lose weight, the ultimate secret to weight loss given by the doctor will amaze you: never leave the table hungry! This may seem logical to some, but for dieters this is not always the case. Lightening your plate will not help you feel good about your body since you will end up snacking or exhausting yourself. Remember that a good metabolism will be your ally for reach your ideal healthy weight, while on the contrary a slowed metabolism will make you gain weight.

So save the salad for the starter and eat your fill. For example, garnish your young shoots with grated carrots and beets, diced cucumbers and melon and crumbled feta. Doctor Jimmy Mohamed advises to finish with a drizzle of vinegar, real fat Burner. After this refreshment rich in fiber and vitamins, a real dish then a fruit are essential to give energy to your body and therefore take advantage of the summer to get into good habits and spend in a good mood!

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