this mom teaches consent to her children

In a series of TikTok videos, this Chicago-born mom and teacher learns consent from her children. An initiative that does good!

“OK buddy, it’s time to choose your clothes, do you want to do it yourself?” she asks her son in a video. “Do you need help getting dressed?”, asks Alissa in another video. This series of Tiktok videos aims to teach consent to children, through simple everyday tasks such as dressing, cooking or even tidying up your room.

Alissa explains how to teach children to take ownership of their bodies and understand their anatomy.

For example, in this excerpt, she shows what she is doing to her son, step by step. Thus, this mother explains to him that she takes off his dirty diaper, then that she is going to put his pants on him so that he knows everything that is happening on HIS body. “Teaching children about consent teaches them that their bodies are theirs and that the bodies of others are theirs as well”, points out Alissa to PopSugar.

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Followed by more than 200k people on her TikTok account, she wants above all to help parents understand and help their children, so that they build themselves up and learn to say no. “It helps protect children from future abuse and teaches them to respect the boundaries of others. Even parents can make children uncomfortable when contact is unwanted,” she confides. “My videos are aimed at parents and future parents to help them understand the importance of respecting their children’s boundaries, but doing so in a way that parenthood can still be exercised.”

An initiative more than necessary!


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