This new eyebrow trend should be unanimous!

Is your heart swinging between plucked eyebrows and natural eyebrows? What if it was possible not to choose between the two? A new trend is emerging that has already won over many celebrities who opt for fashionable eyebrows.

Wearing the mask linked to the pandemic has redistributed the cards of beauty. If a few months ago the lips could be the central element of your makeup, today the emphasis is on the eyes. Eye makeup is important, however, the eyebrows should not be forgotten. Indeed, along with the mask, the eyebrows are one of the only visible facial features that allow you to show your expressions. If fine eyebrows have tried to make a comeback in 2020 thanks to TikTok and Instagram, it seems that geolift brows are establishing themselves as the way to brush your eyebrows for the next decade, because when it comes to eyebrows, the big trends seem to be. renew every ten years. Remember, in the 2000s, the trend was for very thin, heavily plucked eyebrows. 10 years later, in 2010 it was the other way around. The eyebrows were bushy, like those of model Cara Delevingne. Finally, in 2020, it is therefore the geolift brows that must be adopted. Eyebrows that combine well-defined areas and other more messy for a result that could not be more natural.

In an interview with US glamor, Joey Healy, famous eyebrow specialist, explained that this trend is an evolution of the “boy brows” of the 2010s. Here, the thickness of the eyebrows is still present, however on certain parts only. He clarifies: “the head of the eyebrow, we want it to be like ‘strands of feathers’, a bow that’s pretty sharp underneath, and a tail that’s actually sharp and tapered, that’s not that wide. and extent. “This technique focuses on geometry and the lifting effect on your eyebrows, hence the name” geolift “. These eyebrows allow you to open your eyes, but also to clear the face. The advantage is that they are eyebrows that adapt to all morphologies and types of eyebrows. Whether they are naturally thin, sparse or thick and whether you have a round, rectangular, oval or even heart-shaped face, you can easily opt for geolift brows. Another advantage, just like the thick eyebrows of the 2010s, those of the 2020s are “non-gendered”. Whether you are female, male, transgender, or non-binary, you can go for this brow style without any problem.

How to adopt geolift brows?

It is very easy to make this new shape of trendy eyebrows at home. The important thing here is to have the right eyebrow shape. Start by determining where the head of your eyebrow begins. The first hairs should be in the extension of the bridge of your nose. You can help yourself with a thin brush handle or your tweezers to find this area by placing your accessory against the bridge of your nose. Epilate anything that sticks out. If you are in doubt, it is better to leave the beginning of your eyebrows intact. It is better to have eyebrows a little too close together than too far apart. Then place your tweezers above your eyebrows horizontally so that they are the same thickness. As the eyebrows are naturally asymmetrical, it very often happens that one eyebrow is thicker than the other. Be careful, here we are not trying to refine the eyebrows, but to respect their natural thickness. It is therefore necessary to have a light hand when you remove the hairs with the tweezers to keep a clutter effect.

Once you like the look of the head of your eyebrows, focus on the tail. This is without a doubt the crucial step in lifting your eyebrows. The longer the tail of your eyebrow, the lower it is. If you want to do geolift brows, on the contrary, the end of your eyebrows must rise slightly. To determine where your eyebrows should end, place your tweezers against your nostril and the outer corner of your eye. You can then epilate whatever is below this area. The tail of the eyebrow should be quite clean and tapered, remove the top and bottom hairs that can blur the result.

Finally, it’s time to work on the arch of your eyebrows, which should be two-thirds of your browbone. Again, use your tweezers – or the handle of your brush – to find where the arch of your eyebrow is. To do this, place it against your nostril and pass it through the center of your pupil. Thanks to the diagonal axis, you will find the ideal place for the arch of your eyebrow. Then, pluck all the hairs and down that are above, but also below, so that it is neat.

If your eyebrows are rather thin or sparse, you can fill this in with makeup and by doing the hair to hair technique for a very natural result. The final touch to have a relief effect typical of geolift brows is the highlighter that must be applied under the arch and tail of the eyebrow. Attention, the best is to use a mat highlighter, which will actually be used to create a natural contrast zone.

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Are you going to fall for this new trend?

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