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Jason Aretha shared his anger on TikTok at those who develop severe forms of Covid-19 after refusing the vaccine and then saturating hospitals. His wife, who was diagnosed with cancer, had to leave the hospital for these reasons.

The United States has the highest daily average of new coronavirus cases: one in five new cases of Covid-19 worldwide per day. Tensions are therefore high between those who do not believe in the seriousness of the pandemic and others. In this context, the hospital situation is tense and beds are lacking. This to the detriment of chronically ill people, such as those who suffer from cancer.

This is the case of Marylin, an American with breast cancer. Her husband, Jason Arena has been speaking on TikTok in recent days in a video full of anger and emotion to recount the consequences of this hospital saturation. He attacked in particular people not being vaccinated, and who end up in the hospital after being infected. “Why 99% of people infected with the Covid virus in hospital are not vaccinated?”, he asks himself.

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“If you really think the Covid is not serious, prove it: stay home!”

“If you don’t believe that the Covid really exists, that you think it’s nothing and you really believe that you don’t need to be vaccinated, it’s your right. I’m not going to argue about That. On the other hand, I want to discuss the fact that you run to the hospital as soon as you are infected with the virus. “, he denounces. He asks people who don’t believe in the severity of the coronavirus: if they don’t believe in the vaccine to cure them, why do they believe the hospital can save them? “If you really think the Covid is not serious, prove it: stay home!”

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His wife cannot receive proper cancer care

Very angry, the man shows the direct consequences on his wife Marylin, who has stage 4 breast cancer: “She had been in the hospital for two days. On the third day, she honestly could have stayed an extra day, maybe even two. But on the third day instead of getting her drainage. […] they told us that she had to leave the hospital because they no longer have a room available because of the Covid “.

Very active on social networks, the family launched a kitty and a clothing line to support Marylin emotionally and financially. In the United States, the private health system leads families of the sick to have to go into heavy debt to care for their loved ones. In France, the hospital situation has been tense in the West Indies since August 2021, where the sorting of patients begins to take place in Guadeloupe. Since Friday August 20, people over 50 are no longer admitted to intensive care due to a lack of beds in these services.

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