this sign will have a superb end of the month (luck favors him in love)

The end of September is not going to be easy for certain astrological signs. But for one of them, everything is going well. He is very lucky, especially in terms of his heart.

The end of September is marked by two main events. First, the passage of the sun from Virgo to Libra during the Autumn Equinox on September 23. Then, the Full Moon in Aries which occurs on September 29 just before noon. The moment of the Full Moon is an intense moment for everyone: it completes a cycle. To benefit from its energies, try Full Moon rituals or recharge your stones. Some signs will not cope well with the arrival of the anniversary season of Libra or the Full Moon in Aries (a fire sign).

We are thinking in particular of Pisces who will not have much luck at the end of September. Everything will work out for him later: “Starting September 23, you may be ready to experience your transformation or at least begin a process of metamorphosis that will allow you to be reborn as yourself. But to do this you absolutely must avoid lying. Especially towards yourself,” said Annalisa Angelucci, astrologer for aufeminin. A period of reflection begins for him. But another sign is very lucky at the end of September. It’s Gemini!

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Gemini, the luckiest sign in love at the end of September

Gemini is a dual air sign. He is truly lucky at the end of September 2023. But in reality, his entire month back to school was pretty good. “During the month, the possibilities for meetings, passions and flirtations are concrete and probably increase with the autumn equinox on the 23rd which officially opens the love season which, already with the Full Moon on the 29th, can lead to the ‘want to make some dreams come true’, explains Annalisa Angelucci.

Other signs, including one in particular, will also be lucky. This is Aries. “After the 23rd, the movement in the relationship sector intensifies. One of the strongest times could be on the 29th with a full moon in your sign. For some, the time for emancipation and growth will come.” Great prospects are available to him and he must take advantage of them.

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