Three accidents on the job – worker (55) was trapped under the forklift

There were three serious accidents at work in Upper Austria on Wednesday: in Vorchdorf, a 55-year-old woman was trapped under a forklift, in Ternberg a woman was injured with a laminating machine and in Laussa a forest worker got his hand caught in a winch. All three were flown to hospitals.

A serious accident at work occurred on Wednesday around 9.45 a.m. in a warehouse in Vorchdorf. A 56-year-old from the Vöcklabruck district drove backwards with a forklift and collided with a 55-year-old employee from the Wels-Land district. The woman was trapped under the forklift and hit the back of her head on the ground. The woman could only be freed by lifting the forklift with another forklift. She suffered serious injuries and was flown to the Wels Grieskirchen clinic. With her hand in the conveyor rollerA 22-year-old from the Steyr-Land district was laminating products in Ternberg around 7:30 a.m. When trying to put the film back into a film wrapping machine, she caught her right hand in the conveyor roller and seriously injured herself. After first aid, the woman was flown to Ukh Linz. With a rescue helicopter to SteyrA 38-year-old from the Steyr-Land district carried out forest work with a winch at 11.45 a.m. in a forest in Laussa. When trying to pull the stuck traction cable out of the cable winch with his left hand, he operated the winch’s radio remote control with his other hand. But instead of casting out the rope, he pulled the rope into the winch. The man caught his left hand in the rope and was seriously injured. He was taken to Steyr Hospital by rescue helicopter.
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