Tip on vacation in Italy: You should pay attention to this note when paying

Whether in a restaurant, in a bar or on a taxi ride: tipping is an omnipresent topic in Germany. Often, however, customers and guests are unsure how much tip should be given and whether it is necessary at all.

In this country, tips are firmly included in many service professions. For other services, the amount is calculated from the total amount of the invoice. In the catering industry, between 5 and 10 percent of the invoice amount is common.

Especially when on vacation or abroad, travelers are confronted with the question of whether and how much tip is expected. There is one in the popular holiday destination Italy fixed ruletelling you how to behave.

Tipping in Italy: what is the appropriate amount?

In Italy it is rather uncommon to tip in a restaurant. This is because there is usually an extra charge for place settings and bread served, which is noted as “coperto” on your hospitality receipt. If the service was extremely good, you can also leave a maximum of two euros in cash at the table.

If you are not charged a fee for cover and bread, a maximum tip of five to ten percent is normal. In bars, however, no service payment is expected; taxi rides are usually rounded up.

a notice: It is recommended to give the tip in cash or leave it on the table. Settlement by credit or debit card is not common in Italy.