tips from a hairdresser to successfully stop coloring and regain your natural hair

Want to stop coloring and get your natural gray hair back? Here is advice from a hairdresser to successfully make this hair transition and take care of your salt and pepper hair.

As Sarah-Jessica Parker, Andie MacDowell and Hilarie Burton prove to us, gray hair is just as beautiful as colored hair! Many stars are showing off their salt-and-pepper hair and encouraging women to follow suit. For them, the most difficult thing is not necessarily to assume their natural color, but rather to get through this transition phase which can last several months. During this period, apparent regrowth and color differences within the hair can be a source of complexity.

Fortunately, there are very effective techniques to avoid this two-tone effect and give a more uniform look to the hair. We asked to Nathalie Dessert, hairstylist Blissim, to give us his advice on how to successfully make this transition and regain your natural gray hair. For her, the process takes place in three main stages: transition coloring, cutting and care.

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A transition color to regain your natural gray hair

Coming to terms with your gray hair can be an enriching and liberating process, which will require patience and acceptance. A professional can help with a smooth transition with techniques like balayage and highlights” explains Nathalie. These so-called transition colorings consist of blurring as much as possible the demarcations between the roots and the rest of the hair.

Depending on the color of the hair at the roots and lengths, the hairdresser carries out a coloring or bleaching (often in balayage or highlights) then a patina or a gloss. This creates a more harmonious color and break the boundaries between the roots and the lengths.

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Change your haircut to shorten the transition phase

It is also important to work on a new suitable haircut which can also eliminate older colorings.” underlines the expert. A process that shortens the transition phase and is also the ideal opportunity to freshen up your hair.

If you have long hair, you can opt for a mid-length cut or a bob, which you will maintain every two months in the salon. If you already have mid-length hair, this might be an opportunity to opt for a slightly shorter look, like a pixie cut or short bob ! Ask your hairdresser for advice who will know how to adapt the length of your hair to the shape of your face.

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Treatments for gray hair recommended by an expert

Finding your natural salt and pepper hair also means changing your hair care routine: “We also recommend the use of specific products for gray hair to maintain their health and shine.” advises the expert. For her, it is essential to use a anti-yellowing shampoo, a moisturizing mask “to improve their strength because gray hair is drier and more fragile” and a hair oil that allows you to “seal in hydration and fight pollution”.

Here are his recommendations:

De-yellowing shampoo : Toning Shampoo Blond Enhancer N°4P, Olaplex

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Moisturizing mask : Young Again Mask, Kevin Murphy

Hair oil : The oil that whispered in the ear of hair, My Mira

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