titanium corners would make it less durable than the iPhone 14 Pro

Contrary to what one might imagine, the titanium chassis of the iPhone 15 Pro does not make it more resistant than its predecessor, on the contrary. In the event of repeated impacts, it would break more quickly.

Credits: 123RF

When Apple unveiled its iPhone 15, the more high-end iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models made an impression with their titanium coating. A material that allows it to lose a few grams on the scale while making it more resistant. But is this really the case in real life? To find out, Sam Kohl from the YouTube channel AppleTrack went to Australia to obtain a iPhone 15 Pro and mistreat him dropping him to the ground repeatedly.

In order to see if titanium is indeed more durable against shocks, he equipped himself with an iPhone 14 Pro, whose chassis is made of stainless steel. Spontaneously, we tend to think that titanium will offer greater protection. But as falls go by, it is the iPhone 15 Pro that cracks first. In the literal sense: smartphone glass cracks faster than that of its predecessor. There are several reasons for this.

Despite titanium, the iPhone 15 Pro would resist shocks less well than the iPhone 14 Pro

Stainless steel is very lightly flexible. This allows it to partially absorb a shock received. Titanium is more rigid. When the corner of the iPhone 15 Pro comes into contact with the ground, the impact is distributed more on the glass on its front and back. This phenomenon is accentuated by the fact that Apple’s new mobile has rounded corners. The metal band that surrounds the 14 Pro is flat.

In return, steel marks small dents faster than titanium. We must of course keep in mind that this type of resistance test is not enough to draw definitive conclusions. It still took several falls before seeing cracks on the glass of the iPhone 15 Pro. Ideally, you would repeat the protocol used in the video below many times to establish an average trend. In the meantime, take care of your mobile and invest in a case if you’re the clumsy type.

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