To save the PS VR2, Sony makes it compatible on PC

In a sentence written in a blog post, Sony announces that it is working on a new feature for the PS VR2. This year, we should be able to connect the headset to a PC to play virtual reality titles.

A year ago, Sony launched the PlayStation VR2, its second virtual reality headset with a great technical sheet. This is an expensive accessory for the PlayStation 5, which the Japanese company seems to have abandoned in recent months. But things could change in the near future. In a blog post published on February 22, Sony announced that it was working on PS VR2 compatibility with a PC.

Additionally, we’re excited to announce that we’re testing the ability for PS VR2 players to access new games on PC, to provide even more variety in addition to the PS VR2 titles available through the PS5 “, we can read. Sony does not make this the main information in its press release, a sign that there is still a long way to go. But the company hopes to make this feature available in 2024.

Sony's PlayStation VR2.  // Source: Numerama
Sony’s PlayStation VR2. // Source: Numerama

Can a PC save PlayStation VR2?

The idea behind this promise is simple: to allow you to play VR games available elsewhere than on PlayStation 5, via a PS VR2 connected to a PC. We think, for example, of Half-Life: Alix, a masterpiece exclusive to the Steam ecosystem. This may allow Sony to sell a few headsets to people who have never considered purchasing a PlayStation 5.

Because it must be recognized that the PlayStation VR2 has certain assets up its sleeve to convince fans of virtual reality. In the absence of a well-stocked catalog that makes you want to make the purchase, the headset is based on technologies guaranteeing a comfortable experience: 4K OLED screens (120 Hz and HDR), a foeval rendering which makes it possible to improve the graphic quality of what we are looking at or even controllers that are both ergonomic and offer better immersion (haptic feedback, adaptive trigger).

The PlayStation VR2 faces its two main competitors :

PSVR 2Valve IndexMeta Quest 3
Definition2000×20401440×1600 2064 x 2208
Frame rate90/120Hz80/90/120/144Hz72/80/90/120Hz

With these qualities superior to others, the PlayStation VR2 could become a must-have in the VR scene on PC, as long as Sony guarantees full compatibility.

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