Tomorrow belongs to us: Violette tests her compatibility for Bastien’s transplant… and is not at the end of her surprises!

This week in Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Violette goes to the hospital, in the hope of being able to help her classmate, and is touched to see who she meets there.

Warning, this article contains spoilers about the sequel to Tomorrow Belongs to Us.

Unexpected support. This is what we discover in the unpublished extract from the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us from this Friday, December 8revealed in advance by TF1.

Violette is going to get tested, despite her fear of needles

In this scene, we find Victoire (Solène Hébert) at Saint-Clair hospital, taking a blood test from Violette (Salomé Benitha), who has come to test her compatibility for the bone marrow transplant that Bastien (Nicolas) needs Jacquens). The doctor welcomes the young woman’s gesture, especially since she is afraid of needles.

Faced with the high school student’s questions, Victoire explains to her that the probability of finding a compatible person for this type of transplant is very low and that this is why each compatibility test counts. Saddened, Violette regrets being only the second student to have made the trip, after Jordan (Maxime Lélue). The doctor encourages her not to lose hope: the hospital continues, at the same time, to look for a compatible person in their database.

Violette is ultimately far from being the only student in solidarity with Bastien!

That’s when Lizzie (Juliette Mabilat) and Jack (Dimitri Fouque) knock on the door and express their desire to be tested for Bastien. The one who would like the young man to feel supported to face this ordeal then finds a smile again.

Violette thanks them for coming, before also telling them of her regrets at not seeing more high school classmates showing solidarity. In response, Lizzie drags the young woman into the hospital corridor. She then discovers that many other students are waiting their turn to also be tested. Violette, touched, can’t believe it.

So, will someone compatible with Bastien finally be found? Answer in Tomorrow belongs to us, broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7:10 p.m. on TF1!

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