Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1502 of Tuesday August 29, 2023 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Etienne’s state of health worries his relatives, the polluter plays with the police. At the same time, Judith makes a big decision, and Simon tries to seduce Soraya.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday August 29 in Tomorrow belongs to us…

Etienne is in a coma

The results of analyzes carried out from Dorian’s canteen confirm the doubts of the police: the water of the lake has indeed been contaminated with arsenic. But given that the lake and the winery do not share the same water network, everything suggests that several groundwater tables have been contaminated. Aurore asks one of her colleagues to set up monitoring of all drinking water points in the city. It remains to be seen whether it is agricultural, industrial pollution, or a terrorist act.

Still without news from Etienne, Bénédicte died of worry. Even if the police have already checked everything, she confides to Dorian that she plans to go and see if Etienne is not somewhere on his boat. It was then that she received a call from the hospital: her husband had been found. Etienne is in a coma, he suffers from serious renal connections and his vital prognosis remains engaged. William thinks he has a chance of getting out of it but does not know in what state his brother-in-law will wake up. He assures Bénédicte and Dorian that the next few hours will be decisive.

At the edge of the contaminated lake, Georges informs Manon and Nordine that dozens of animal corpses have been discovered nearby. Manon thinks that the whole population should be alerted and people should be warned against tap water, but Georges does not want to trigger a general panic for nothing. He prefers to wait for the analysis results which are in progress.

And precisely, a little later, at the police station, Karim announces reassuring news to Aurore: none of the drinking water points in the city have been contaminated. Georges joins the conversation and tells them that he may have a lead on the polluter they are looking for: recent tire tracks have been found around the lake. They would correspond a priori to a van with a tank trailer.

Victor Brunet, for his part, is in low spirits. While Raphaëlle announces to him that he is completely cleared, the businessman has his head elsewhere and keeps thinking about Romy’s departure. He explains to Raphaëlle that the suspicions that weighed on him totally tarnished the image that Romy had of him. He admits that he thought something could have happened between them, but now it seems impossible. Raphaëlle listens and seems sorry for her client.

At the hospital, Bénédicte, panicked, alerts William: Etienne has just convulsed in his bed. Arriving at his brother-in-law’s bedside, William does not seem to notice anything unusual and assures his sister that Etienne is stable. However, on leaving the room, Doctor Daunier asks Noor to take Etienne’s constants every 20 minutes, without making Bénédicte panic. He has the feeling that his brother-in-law’s condition is deteriorating but does not wish to worry his sister.

At the same time, at the police station, Georges receives an anonymous email with the coordinates of the next arsenic contamination…

Judith makes an unexpected announcement to her parents

Judith has obtained the necessary documents for her entry into the United States, she expresses her joy to her parents, who have prepared a whole stock of medicines for her for her trip, as well as many sweets intended for Maxime.

Judith then leaves to join Gilles at the Spoon for lunch. While she has planned to visit California for three weeks, Gilles advises her to leave longer in order to make the most of such a trip. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Jordan, whom Gilles invites to join them for coffee. Although embarrassed, the young man accepts and settles next to his ex-girlfriend.

While Gilles slips away to order coffees, Jordan lets Judith know that he has learned that she is about to leave for the United States. He admits that it is not easy for him to see her leave and that he hopes that she does not leave because of him. Before adding that he is still happy for her. Judith promises him that he has nothing to reproach himself with and that she is not trying to run away from him. She just needs a change of scenery.

On returning home, Judith shares her travel plans with her parents and Gilles. She plans to visit the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, a couple of national parks, and Mexico. Alex points out to his daughter that this seems a bit ambitious for a three-week trip. Judith replies that she changed her ticket to an open ticket. Instead, she plans to stay about three months in the United States.

Alex and Chloe can’t believe their ears. Alex thinks it was Gilles who put this idea in his daughter’s head. Judith, annoyed, replies to her father that she is capable of making her own decisions and adds that she is disappointed. She thought her parents would support her.

Simon tries to seduce Soraya

At the Spoon, Noor is upset by Judith’s upcoming departure. And to make matters worse, she is still looping over Gabriel, who has re-registered on a dating application. She can’t forget him, convinced that he was the great love of her life, and asks Soraya to let her know if Gabriel shows up at the office with another girl.

In the office, Gabriel is visited by Maître Leclercq, who asks to see Soraya. The young woman being absent, Simon asks Gabriel to give him a gift from him. The tension is palpable between the men.

Arriving at the cabinet, Soraya finds Leclerc’s gift and bursts out laughing when she discovers that it is a ratatouille tupperware, in reference to their meeting the day before at the supermarket. Soraya recognizes that her colleague has a sense of humor, which does not fail to annoy Gabriel.

At the end of the day, the young man realizes that Soraya has left the firm without his notes on the current case and runs after him. On noticing that she has not, on the other hand, forgotten Leclercq’s ratatouille, Gabriel gets annoyed and tells Soraya that she should not play his game. According to him, this could give Leclercq false hopes. But Soraya doesn’t care about his opinion and retorts that she’s a big girl and doesn’t need his advice.

In the evening, Soraya tastes Simon’s ratatouille during a girls’ dinner with Victoire and Lisa. As the three friends question Simon’s cooking skills, he texts Soraya asking her what she thinks of her ratatouille. Before inviting him to lunch with him the next day. Victoire has the impression that her friend is hesitating, but Soraya assures us that she has no intention of dating a cad like Simon Leclercq.

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