Toni Garrn: Model shows a nicely wrapped baby bump

Toni Garrn
Model shows a nicely wrapped baby bump

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Model Toni Garrn – in the home office – shows her growing baby bump in a comfortable, red and white patterned maternity dress.

At the beginning of March 2021, Toni Garrn, 28, confirmed her first pregnancy on Instagram. At first, the model had kept the pregnancy to herself for almost six months, but slowly she can no longer hide her growing baby bump – and she no longer wants to. Just a few weeks after the pregnancy was announced, Toni answered all questions about pregnancy to her followers on Instagram. For example, she revealed that she sometimes craves pretzels at night and that she suffers from gestational dementia.

Toni Garrn gives baby bump update

You won’t find many pictures with a baby bump at Toni Garrn, but the model still can’t resist some tummy updates. In her latest post, she shows her nicely wrapped baby ball on Instagram.

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“Ello from the office”, she writes about the selfie. In the picture she can be seen in a comfortable, red-and-white patterned maternity dress lying more than sitting on a cozy couch. She placed the laptop on her thighs. The model has tucked back her hair loosely, a few fringes frame her face.

The child’s father is British actor Alex Pettyfer, 31,. The two got engaged in December 2019 and married in October 2020 in a small ceremony in Hamburg.

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