Tonight on TV: forget Medellin and Taxi 5, Franck Gastambide will move you

Every day, AlloCiné recommends a film to (re)watch on TV. Tonight: Franck Gastambide in a social comedy, funny and deep.

Inspired by a press article telling the story of a man who recognized the children of undocumented immigrants to have French nationality, director Xavier de Choudens embarked on the writing of Damien wants to change the world.

In order to feed his scenario, he notably goes to meet associations, social workers, lawyers and also collects the words of mothers who have been given an obligation to leave French territory.

Xavier de Choudens thus ends up with the story of Damien and his sister Mélanie, raised by militant parents until the sudden disappearance of their mother. Having become a pawn in an elementary school, Damien finally reconnects with his past in order to save one of his young students and his mother from imminent expulsion from the territory.

The filmmaker also writes the role of Damien with a very specific actor in mind: Franck Gastambide. He is indeed seduced by the mixture of strength and fragility that the actor releases.

Known to the general public for his schoolboy comedies (Les Kaïra, Pattaya, Taxi 5, Medellin), the latter accepts the proposal, which allows him to reveal another facet of his game. More mature, and above all more touching.

In the vein of films like Samba, Patients or Le Nom des gens, Damien wants to change the world achieves the perfect balance between comedy and emotion, between humor and depth, carrying high the values ​​of solidarity.

Damien wants to change the world by Xavier De Choudens with Franck Gastambide, Melisa Sözen, Gringe…

Tonight on C8 at 9:15 p.m.

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