Tonight on TV: underrated upon its release, this romantic gem has established itself as a fantastic masterpiece

Every day, AlloCiné recommends a film to (re)watch on TV. Tonight: a cult film from the 90s with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

Sam Wheat, an executive in a New York investment bank, and Molly Jensen, a sculptor, love each other. But everything changes when Sam is attacked in the street and shot dead. To his great surprise, he becomes a ghost and manages to communicate with a hysterical clairvoyant. He then tries to contact his wife and discovers who wanted to kill him.

You didn’t immediately put a film title on this pitch? So you’ve never seen Ghost, a little romantic-fantasy gem from the 90s that Bruce Willis bitterly regrets letting slip away! And frankly, we really envy you for being about to discover this absolutely brilliant film…

Because Ghost, led by the duo Patrick Swayze / Demi Moore, is a little marvel of entertainment that is impossible to put down as soon as you start it and whose first vision (but also the others) plunges you into a state of bliss. This fantasy romance is certainly sometimes kitsch, sometimes “too much”, with slightly dated special effects, but it literally carries everything in its path. There is laughter, shivers, tears… In short, this Ghostalthough underrated upon its release, is a real spectator’s delight.

So in Ghostthere is obviously Patrick Swayze And Demi Moore, an iconic duo of the seventh art thanks to this film, but there is also the incredible Whoopi Goldberg, priceless in the role of a very speedy medium. And we won’t forget the excellent Tony Goldwyn, perfect as a best friend trying to take advantage of the situation, and Vincent Schiavelli, brilliant as the subway ghost…

Directed by Jerry Zucker, one of the “Z” of the famous ZAZ parody trio (the Is There… series), Ghost is a timeless classic to quickly find in your living room for a cozy evening just the way we like it. A big public success with more than $500 million in revenue worldwide and more than 3 million spectators in French theaters, this film will give you a wonderful time in front of your screen.

You must have noticed: the author of these lines loved Ghost. And we bet if someone asks you if you liked it after it airs tonight, you’ll say “Me too”. Well, rather… “Same” !

Tonight on W9 at 9:10 p.m.

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