"Top Chef 2020": highly criticized, David Gallienne defends himself in "Daily": Current Woman Le MAG

Season 11 of Top chef was very popular with viewers. Wednesday, June 17, 2020, nearly 4 million French people were in front of their televisions to know which of David Gallienne or Adrien Cachot would gain the victory after 18 weeks of competition. It was ultimately David Gallienne who managed to seduce the chefs Michel Sarran, Philippe Etchebest, Hélène Darroze, Paul Pairet, as well as the hundred volunteers from the Red Cross responsible for deciding on their menus during the final.

David Gallienne criticized

The only Michelin-starred cook in the culinary competition, the big winner of this 2020 season quickly caught fire from fans of the program broadcast since 2010 on M6. Many viewers accuse him of being overzealous and his victory only fueled criticism. Invited Thursday June 18, 2020 in Daily, the 30-year-old cook replied to his critics: "We cannot please everyone it is obvious and fortunately otherwise we would bother", did he explain before to discuss the editing of the program: "It's still television (…) And inevitably, there are times when it has not been to my advantage."

The chef opens its doors

David does not hold a grudge towards disgruntled viewers to have seen him win a check for € 56,410 "I invite people who have a priori about me to come and meet me at my restaurant. I love life and people", he said in front of Yann Barthès. The chef therefore awaits them with open arms in his establishment in Giverny, The Garden of Feathers.

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