"Top Chef" 2020: Mallory cracks and leaves the stage in a rage: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Wednesday May 20, 2020, kitchen enthusiasts were treated to a new episode of Top chef (M6) under high voltage. Arriving in the quarterfinals, Mallory, David and Martin battled it out for their place in the semi-finals. To get there, the three candidates had to face a most complicated test: that of the trompe-l'oeil evoking nature. Faced with the difficulty of the challenge, more than one competitor cracked.

In the middle of training his plate, Adrien gets carried away. At the end of it, the young man known for his casualness farts and pummels a pot on his plate. If the budding cook with crazy ideas and Paul Pairet leave in a laugh, at the other end of the plateau the atmosphere is even more tense. Inspired by the challenge of the day, Mallory launches into the preparation of a pine cone "in creamy coffee and chocolate". Letting himself overflow, the candidate forgets his dish in the oven … and lets it burn.

⋙ Mallory ("Top Chef" 2020): does he still hold it against the person who made him lose his sight? He confides

Hélène Darroze and Michel Sarran fly to the aid of Mallory

Distraught, Michel Sarran's foal throw his dish and his apron on the ground before leaving the place in a rage. Fortunately for him, the apprentice chef was able to count on the support of his coach, but also Hélène Darroze. After long minutes punctuated by tears and anger, the duo managed to convince the candidate to return to the stove to prepare their dish.

Without having successfully cooked its false thorns, Mallory was entitled to a major compliment from star chef Christian Le Squer qualifying his dish as “3 star dessert” before giving him his ticket for the rest of the adventure.

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