Toxic Friendship: Don’t ignore these three warning signs

Toxic friendship
Three warning signs how to recognize them

If a friendship becomes too one-sided, it could become toxic.


“Friends are the family you choose,” goes a well-known saying, but there are also friendships that harm one of the two and that are not worth continuing. Here are three warning signs of such toxic friendships.

It is not easy to address things in a friendship that bother you about the other. Nobody likes to discuss such aspects and yet these debates are necessary from time to time. Especially when you realize that your friendship is threatening to become toxic.

Toxic friendships: what to look out for

Nobody likes the feeling when a friendship is about to tip over and slowly become toxic. We would much rather hold on to the hope that maybe everything will be fine after all. In reality, it is better to address problems immediately, otherwise your friendship will become more and more toxic. In the video we reveal three warning signs by which you can recognize such a friendship.

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