Train ticket conveniently on your cell phone: If you don’t keep an eye on this, you have to pay a fine

Traveling with Deutsche Bahn has great potential for frustration. But regular delays and train cancellations are not the only thing that causes problems for customers. Even the train ticket on your cell phone turns out to be extremely inconvenient when energy dwindles.

Train ticket on your cell phone and the battery is empty: this is the penalty

It can happen faster than expected and suddenly the cell phone battery is empty. If you are unable to show your electronic train ticket during a check on the train, you will be formally classified as a passenger without a valid ticket. And there is usually a fine for this.

In such cases, an increased transport fee (EBE) must be paid. The actual amount may vary depending on the transport company. However, it is usually around 60 euros. For many, this is a painful financial loss given the already high prices for train tickets.

After all, some transport companies offer the opportunity to subsequently prove that you had a valid ticket at the time of the check. To do this, you have to present the ticket to a customer center within a certain period of time (often seven days). The EBE can then be waived or reduced. However, be prepared for a processing fee.

Things can also be problematic with the BahnCard

You also face a similar threat if you have a printed train ticket but cannot show your digital BahnCard. Then you will be treated as if you did not have a valid discount card and the train staff can demand that you pay the difference to the regular fare.

It is also possible to subsequently provide proof of a valid BahnCard in a customer center or via online customer service within a certain period of time (usually a few days after the journey). The difference already paid should then be refunded.

In both cases, the following applies: Before you start your journey, check carefully whether your cell phone is sufficiently charged. This way you avoid expensive problems while driving. At least some transport companies are accommodating in such cases. Formally, however, the passenger is obliged to present a valid train ticket during a check.

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By Dana Neumann

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