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Consumers will be able to consult the list of products using endocrine disruptors free of charge from January 2022. A decree has just been published in the Official Journal.

Bisphenol A, Bisphenol B, TNPP and certainly many more. From January 1, 2022, manufacturers of products containing endocrine disruptors will have to be transparent by putting “Available to the public” all the necessary information on the presence of these molecules dangerous to health. This is what has just announced a published decree in the Official Journal this Wednesday, August 25. This measure was already provided for in the anti-waste law passed in 2020.

More and more pointed out, endocrine disruptors are molecules capable of interfering with our hormonal system, causing bodily complications, on the development of children but also on reproduction. Pregnant women and children are often the most exposed to this type of danger.

Toys and cosmetics affected by the endocrine disruptor lists

The purpose of this free consultation is to allow “Collaborative platforms to exploit information and better inform consumers”. This measure will apply to substances “Which the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety qualifies as proven, suspected or suspected endocrine disruption properties”. The following will therefore be involved: cosmetics, toys, medical devices and pesticides for agricultural, human or veterinary use. However, drugs will not be affected.

The health agency intends to continue its analysis work in the years to come because dozens of potentially risky substances have yet to be evaluated. So the list might go on.

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