TV Soaps: Will Katrin find her way back to life with “Rote Rosen”?

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Will Katrin find her way back to life with “Rote Rosen”?

“Rote Rosen”: Katrin (left) has problems recognizing her daughter Mia.

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With “Rote Rosen”, Katrin only gradually finds her way back to life. In “Sturm der Liebe” Max doesn’t want Gerry to practice golf again. Justus enjoys the reconciliation with Finn on “Alles was geht”.

2:10 p.m., First: Red Roses

Katrin keeps asking about her daughters and Florian and Michi put them off. Gradually she fears that the two will make up excuses because something is going on with Mia and Franziska. She tries with all her might to get a phone to call her children. Dörte and Gunter are both confused after the kiss. Gunter tries to talk to Dörte, but she evades him. After all, Norbert was the only man in her life. How should she deal with Gunter?

3:10 p.m., The First: Storm of Love

Ariane triumphs as Lia cannot remember the minutes before and after her accident. When there are no skid marks at the scene of the accident, Werner suspects that Lia may have attempted suicide. Max is against Gerry playing golf again. Although he knows that he doesn’t need Max’s approval, he still adheres to his request because he doesn’t want to have any trouble with his brother.

5:30 p.m., RTL: Between us

Britta’s tactics are successful: Robert wants to be with her again. But when the moment comes, Britta can’t go into it. Easy thinks that Ringo’s boss Benedikt deserves the punch. It is only through Julius that he realizes that he is only making the situation worse. The fact that they can pull themselves out of the affair in front of Bambi spurs the couple Nika and Paco, who are in love, to further secrecy.

7:05 p.m., RTL: Everything that counts

Marian fights for Daniela because he doesn’t believe her that she doesn’t love him. However, its success is short-lived. Finn has finally recovered. While Jupiter enjoys the reconciliation with him, Malu is tormented by the thought of not being honest with Finn. When Ina learns that Lucie has not been taken on after completing her training, she is surprised. Why didn’t Lucie confide in her?

7:40 p.m., RTL: Good times, bad times

Outraged, Erik accuses Toni of using his towel. Toni doesn’t want to let that go and convicts the real culprit. But their investigations unearth even more explosive flat share secrets … Although Maren has come out as a destroyer, Jonas cannot forgive Lilly. However, she does not give up, and still finds remnants of Jonas’ program that she wants to play for him. Unfortunately, that ends in a band salad.


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