TV tips: A missing person in the “Masurian crime thriller”

TV tips
A missing person in the “Masurian crime thriller”

“The Masurian Crime: Fryderyk’s Legacy”: Forensic scientist Dr. Viktoria Wex (Claudia Eisinger, middle), village police officer Leon Pawlak (Sebastian Hülk) and the self-confident Commissioner Kowalska (Karolina Lodyga)

© ARD Degeto / Krzysztof Wiktor

In “Masurenkrimi” (Das Erste) the forensic scientist Dr. Wex when her uncle goes missing. In “GoldenEye” (VOX) James Bond has to neutralize a dangerous satellite weapon.

8:15 p.m., The First, The Masurian Crime: Fryderyk’s Legacy, Crime

Forensic technician Dr. Viktoria Wex (Claudia Eisinger) travels from Berlin to Pasym, a sleepy small town in the middle of the Masurian Lake District. There she has to be prepared for a painful farewell: Her uncle Fryderyk (Wieslaw Zanowicz), whom Victoria has adored as a surrogate father and mentor since childhood, has been missing for days. When she finds someone unknown to her dead in the basement of Fryderyk’s house, the family affair turns into a criminal case.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, Fritzie – Heaven has to wait: test beds, drama series

Fritzie (Tanja Wedhorn) no longer wants to fight against her feelings for Milos (Tobias Licht). She wants to have new experiences and enjoy. Because: who knows how much time you have left? Stefan gives his okay. It is true that Stefan (Florian Panzner) finds it difficult to allow Fritzie all the freedoms with Milos, but he grits his teeth out of love. When Flo (Nick Julius Schuck) finds out about the agreement between the two, he gets very angry. Just because Fritzie is sick doesn’t mean she should allow herself everything!

8:15 p.m., kabel eins, Rosins Restaurants – A star chef is cleaning up !, Gastrosoap

Shortly before the first lockdown in spring 2020, the “Hafen Extra” opens its doors in Aurich. The operating couple Dirk and Elke are fulfilling their lifelong dream with minimal resources. But because of the pandemic, the restaurant was closed for well over half the time and the hoped-for income did not materialize. Will Rosin manage to save the restaurant from closing forever?

8:15 p.m., VOX, James Bond 007 – GoldenEye, action thriller

The Russian General Ourumov succeeds in taking possession of the secret “GoldenEye” weapon system. This enables the terrorist organization Janus to destroy all electronic devices in a target area with an electromagnetic pulse. After being equipped with some technical gadgets by armorer Q, James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) travels to Saint Petersburg to get to Janus via former KGB agent Trevelyan (Sean Bean).

8:15 p.m., WDR, crime scene: Your name is Harbinger, crime thriller

The Berlin “Tatort” investigators Nina Rubin (Meret Becker) and Robert Karow (Mark Waschke) are called to the outskirts. A dead person was found in a burned-out van. Rubin and Karow quickly determine that there were three other, older cases with a similar sequence of events. They were never cleared up. Is it a serial killer? Another cross-connection leads to Berlin-Wannsee: All victims were conceived with the help of in-vitro fertilization in a fertility clinic.