two men convicted of his murder will be exonerated

“These men did not have the right to the justice they deserved”, said to New York Times, Wednesday, November 17, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. Rebound in the United States in the case of the assassination, in 1965, of the figure of the fight for the civil rights, Malcolm X. Two men, condemned in 1966 for his murder in New York, will be exonerated, made find out the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

The latter also confirmed the holding of a press conference on Thursday on the“Two wrongful convictions overturned for the murder of Malcolm X”. According to the American newspaper, these two men are Muhammad A. Aziz, 83 years old and released from prison in 1985, and Khalil Islam, released after serving his sentence in 1987 and died in 2009.

Khalil Islam, second convicted of the 1965 murder of Malcolm X, who will be exonerated, as announced by the Manhattan prosecutor's office, on November 17, 2021.

Concealment of evidence

“The twenty-two-month investigation, conducted jointly by the prosecutor’s office and the two men’s lawyers, reveals that the prosecutors”, the FBI and the New York Police (NYPD) “Concealed crucial evidence which, if known, would probably have led to the acquittal of the two men”, still tells the New York Times.

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In February 2020, after the broadcast of a documentary on Netflix, entitled “Who Killed Malcolm X? “ (“Who killed Malcom X?”), Mr. Vance had asked his teams to reconsider the file. “What we can do is recognize this error, the seriousness of this error”, he added.

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