Un Si Grand Soleil: Mélissa will soon be the victim of a terrible sexual assault

Mélissa’s life will turn into a nightmare during the next episodes of Un si grand soleil.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

The life of Mélissa (Hermine Granville) is about to turn into a nightmare during the next episodes of Un si grand soleil.

In great financial difficulty, the young woman has just met James (Edouard Giard), a freelance photographer working for advertising companies, women’s magazines and even fashion sites. Although she has no experience as a model, she was nevertheless convinced to pose in order to make ends meet. However, without knowing it, Mélissa has just thrown herself into the mouth of the wolf.

Indeed, James hides his game well and has only one idea in mind: to convince her to shoot in a pornographic video. Given her current precarious situation, Mélissa is obviously the ideal target and will unfortunately accept. At this moment, she is still far from suspecting the nightmare that awaits her.

In a new extract available on the France.tv platform, Mélissa goes to James’s and meets a certain Raph. Uncomfortable, the young woman then signs a contract without reading it.

Don’t worry, we’ll take it slow“, assures the man with whom she has to shoot. Shortly after, Mélissa joins him in a room where a whole device has been placed to film. A few hours later, it is not one but three men who come out of the room. Mélissa, on the verge of tears, sits on the bed and gets dressed in silence.

Congratulations, you have insured for a first“, James congratulates her before adding, “It’s rare for a girl to be as comfortable as you. Are you sure you don’t want a drink to celebrate?“.

In shock, Melissa declines and collects her money before returning home only to find that he has only paid her half of the agreed amount. James then assures that he will give her the rest the next time they see each other. On the way home, Mélissa bursts into tears on public transport.

In reality, Mélissa was the victim of a gang rape. On this subject, Fabrice Deville, the interpreter of Florent Graçay, confided recently in the columns of the magazine Nous Deux, “Enzo is going to have problems. Mélissa, his girlfriend, will be confronted with a sordid story of rape, in a rather particular context. They’re both gonna need our support.”

For the comedian,What’s interesting is the message behind the storylines we play. The strength of a daily soap is to be able to address social issues. There, it’s about easy money, abuse…

After having suffered the worst, Mélissa will lose her footing if we are to believe the official synopses unveiled by the channel and could “sink into the spiral of shame“. Fortunately, she can count on the support of Inès (Maéva El Aroussi) and Enzo (Teïlo Azaïs).

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