United Kingdom: a party in full national mourning, yet another Downing Street party scandal

BoJo in the storm

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After the revelation of two new parties organized in full confinement and on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral, Downing Street apologized to the Queen. Boris Johnson seems more weakened than ever.

The never-ending story. For three months, the United Kingdom has been living to the rhythm of the new political soap opera “Downing Street’s illegal parties” (“the illegal parties of Downing Street”). Inspired by real events, it tells how advisers and officials of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, indulged during two years of pandemic in numerous celebrations in their offices, breaking the rules of confinement.

If it is not a real series, like the captivating The Crown, the revelations in the chain of the press on the subject strongly resemble it. The last episode was also released on Thursday evening, just twenty-four hours after the British discovered that their leader had attended one of the aperitifs organized in 2020. According to the conservative daily The Telegraph, two other parties would have taken place, still at 10 Downing Street, on April 16, 2021. The day before the funeral of Prince Philip, husband of the Queen of England.

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